Biography: About B(l)ast night…

Raven’s tweets have been featured in The UK Daily Express (2015), Inked Magazine (2015), and The Hartford Courant (2016). Raven spoke at a writing panel for Second City Conservatory.

Raven has faced many life difficulties. Hence, the “Dame of the Fairy Underdogs” self-given title.

Raven was nominated (and/or bestowed upon) for various awards. Hold your applause. There was always a dilemma that ensued. Ditto with the Joffrey Ballet Company’s Pre-Professional Division (Chicago). And, additional highly-regarded opportunities.

Raven lives within shoulder commuting distance of her angel and demon babies.

She entertains herself online.

It is not easy to gain a Twitter following. But, Raven attempted to do precisely that in her online persona —which earned her Twitter account at over seven hundred and twenty-five thousand. Her account achieved the top one percent status across multiple categories. Raven backed up the account via a Seagate-manufactured device designed specifically for that purpose. Her bag that contained the device was misappropriated. Raven’s original account was last witnessed linked to a user handle associated with an alleged Russian Bitcoin Expert.

tweet media content deleted content (via the hacker, Muhammad)


list of  Twitter followers (at some point in time samples)


Dr. Sumit Seth, First Economic Secretary, United Nations (Geneva)

Martin Geertsen, Former Copenhagen Lord Mayor and Former Venstre Party Leader (Denmark)

Derryn Hinch, Founder, Justice Party (Australia)

Tea Party (USA)

Indian National Congress-affiliated Account (India)

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, Fulbright Scholar (USA)

Kemal Ozturk, Erdogan Ex-Press Advisor (Turkey)

Juan Jose Molina B., Former National Assembly Deputy (Venezuela)

Scott Bolden, Former DC Democrats Director and D.C. Reed Smith Managing Partner (USA)

Muhammad Ahmed, Insaf Student Federation (Pakistan)

Tony Loiacono, Tea Party TV Channel (USA)

Artem Kluyshin, Member, Federal Assembly (Russia)

Malaysia Parliament, Members (Malaysia)

Saleem Mandviwalla, Senator (Pakistan)

Giuseppe Papalia, European Parliament Member (Italy)

David Ortiz Mendez, Communication, The Ministry of Justice (Paraguay)

Ainul Yaqeen, State Secretary/I.T./Social Media, National Students Union/Member, Indian National Congress/Member, Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (India)

Ashish Sarkar, National Secretary, Jaladhikar (India)

Adv. Sahil Singh Jamwal, Provincial Secretary, Jammu Kashmir National Conference (India)

Suresh Lawda, District President, Akhil Bhartiya Veer Gurjar Mahasabha Bundi Rajasthan (India)

Kirti Singh, Former District Media Head, Najafgarh Bharatiya Janata Party (India)

Talha Khan, President, Gokalpur Assembly (India)

Mir Ghulam Murtaza Bajeer, General Secretary, Pakistan Patriotic Youth District Badin (Pakistan)

Vinay Kumar, Indian National Congress Member and State Assembly Incumbent (India)

Niranjan Gain, Local President, Bharatiya Janata Party (India)

Farooq Fateh, Member, Anti-Corruption Council of India (India)

Chaudary Divyansh Hooda, Former Joint Secretary, World Cities Cultural Forum Delhi Youth (India)

Suresh Singh, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Member, Bharatiya Janata Party  (India)

Rana Saif Raza, District Secretary, Minhaj Youth League (Pakistan)

Ravi Kaithwar, District Congress Social Media Coordinator and Indian National Congress Member Shahjahanpur (India)

Ram Sharma, Vice President, Dehli Pradesh Congress Committee (India)

Sa’eed Abshir, Junior Advisor, World Health Organization (Somalia)

Siddharth Jain, Engineering Representative, Bharatiya Janata Party (India)

Soham Sarkar, District Executive Member, Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (India)

Izazur Rahman, National Students’ Union of India-Assam State Secretary/Social Media Coordinator, Assam All India Professionals’ Congress/Social Media Coordinator, Assam Pradesh Youth Congress Sivasagar (India)

Gokul Kangayan, State Secretary, National Students Union of India (India)

Kamanur Zaman Molla, Vice President, Hasnabad Block All India Trinamool Student Congress (India)

Sandeep Thakur, Himachal Pradesh Youth Congress Social Media Coordinator and Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee Member (India)

Jitendra Vikram Singh Parmar, Bharatiya Janata Party Mandal Committee Khandauli Former President and Current District In-Charge Agra Kesaria Hindu Vahini (India)

Aman Goyal, District Convenor, Amroha Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (India)

Azad Hind Shetkari Sanghatana, Farmers Union (India)

Jogendra Singh, Member, Civil Defense Coordination Committee (India)

Abdullah Sidhu, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Social Media Team, Vice President Haroonabad (Pakistan)

Marion Marechal-Le Pan, Member, Fourteenth Legislature for the Third Constituency of Vaucluse (France)

Jimmy Pinoargote, Former Santa Elena Bay Assemblyman/Current Director, Programa Impacto/Manager, Radio La Voz de la Peninsula (93.3 FM, Santa Elena) (Costa Rica)

Movement Media Public Relations Firm (USA)

Satishchandra Rothe, National President, Azad Hind Shetkari Sanghatana (India)

Yash Patel, General Secretary of National Students Union of India and Indian National Congress Member (India)

Gokul Kangayan, State Secretary of National Students Union of India and Indian National Congress Member (India)

Vikas Bhadauriya, Bharatiya Janata Party Young Leaders Member/NaMo Application Coordinator/IT Assistant, Bharatiya Janata Party (India)

Subhash Chandra Yadav, Janata Sangharsh Morcha President (NGO)/Former State President, Pragatisheel Samajwadi Party/Former State Spokesperson and State Secretary, Samajwadi Party Mumbai (India)

Diane Gonzalez-Cibrian, Former Member, San Antonio City Council (USA)

Peter Laurentis, Social Media Manager, Ben Allen for Senate and Jay Chen for Congress (USA)

Aapka Abhishek, Founder, Abishek Janshakti Foundation (NGO) (India)

Raza Inzamam Khan Janjua, Information Secretary and Founder Pakistan Youth Council Poonch Division AJK/President, Insaf Student Federation Gharbi Bagh (Pakistan)

Saquib Aly, Student President, Mansoori Samaj Kaylan Samiti (NGO) (India)

Christopher Wellbelove, Former Lambeth Mayor and Current Vice-Chair of Lambeth College Board of Governors (England)

Sarfaraz Ali Khan Talapula, National Chairman, All India Minority Rights Council (India)

Bilal Ardic, Chairman, Gungoren Municipality City Council (Turkey)

Montgomery J. Granger, Contributor, (USA)

Christian Vinante, Parliamentary Society Founding and Honorary President/Co-Founder and Executive Director, Westminister Conservatives Italian Group/Deputy Director, UK and EU British Chinese Youth Federation (England)

Mansoori Samaj Kalyan Samiti (NGO) (India)

Puran Singh Panwar, Member, Indian National Congress (India)

Martin Carpenter, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire/British Honorary Consul/British Embassy (Thailand)

Aditya Dhumal, India National Youth Congress Himachal Pradesh State President/Former Youth Vice President, Jiv Etka Foundation/Former State Youth Vice President, Bharat Tibet Sahyog Manch Himachal Pradesh (India)

George Scoggins, Retired Texas Constable, Wilson County (USA)

Lydia Portilla, Director of Public Relations, Municipality of Benito Juarez (Mexico)

Bashir Hamdard, Pakistan Peoples Party Deputy Information Secretary, District Central Karachi (Pakistan)

Sitesh Pathak, National President, Berojgar Aadmi Adhikar Party (India)

Tutul Manna, Former Ward 26 President, Bangladesh Student League/Chhatra League (Bangladesh)

Remo Poddar, Digital Communication, Indian Political Action Committee (India)

National Resistance Movement Youth-affiliated Account (Uganda)



Arte Reportage TV, The European Culture Channel (France)

Salih Sarikaya, Former Executive Digital Media Editor, The Meydan Daily (Turkey)

Dan Williams, Sky News International Director, International News Desk (England)

Brysen Van Eck, Meteorologist, News 12 (Hudson and Westchester, NY) (USA)

Ken Smith, Anchor, NBC (WRAL-TV, Raleigh) (USA)

Bob Sirot, Anchor, WGN (720 AM, Chicago) and The Onion News Network (USA)

Daisy Sindelar, Journalist, The Atlantic (Czech Republic)

Jill Karnicki, Photo Editor, The Houston Chronicle (USA)

Laura Evans, Anchor, Fox (WTTG-TV, Washington, D.C.) (USA)

Jeff Dubois, Anchor, CBS, (KIRO-TV, Seattle) (USA)

Joe Flocarri, Reporter, NBC (WXIA-TV, Atlanta) (USA)

Bill Zeeble, Reporter, Dallas KERA-TV (USA)

Ellen Crooke, Senior Vice President, TEGNA (500 Global Member) (North America)

Nicholas Waller, Managing Editor, New Europe (Russia)

Hatef Mokhtar, Editor-in-Chief, The Oslo Times (Norway)

Michael Pond, Columnist, The Vancouver Sun (Canada)

Monique Villa, Former CEO, Thomas Reuters Foundation (England)

Joe Schad, Reporter, ESPN and The Palm Beach Post (USA) (USA)

Rida Saifee, Anchor, K21 News (Karachi) (Pakistan)

Omid Sobhani, Reporter, Australia Broadcasting Company and The Transatlantic Times (Afghanistan)

Ahmed Bilal, Assignment Editor, 92 News HD (Lahore) (Pakistan)

Raza Naqvi, Journalist, The Indian Express (India)

Rasic Jitendra, Journalist, Sagarmatha TV (Nepal) (India)

Avinash Rai, Journalist,, ETV Bharat (India)

Imran Rather, Reporter, Raza Graphy Media Network (India)

Veena Yadav, Freelance Reporter and Anchor (India)

Daniyal Gujar, Anchor, DAG Network (Pakistan)

BTV Rwanda, StarTimes Media Company (Rwanda)

Rich Jaroslovsky, Technology Columnist, (USA)

Mike Kopelman, Photojournalist, CBS (WFSB-TV, Hartford, CT) (USA)

Luciana Pombo, Radio Journalist, Radio Tamandare (890 AM, Curitiba) (Brazil)

Paty Estrada, Independent TV News Director/Radio News Announcer/TV News Producer (Mexico)

Nacho Goano, TV and Radio Sports Journalist, Cronico TV Channel (Argentina) (India)

Omar Al Raisi, Sports Columnist, The National (United Arab Emirates)

Luis Campos, Featured Columnist, The Bleacher Report (USA)

James Hirsen, The New York Times Best-selling Author/News Analyst/Newsmax Columnist (USA)

Iian Johnson, Former The Brentwood Gazette Reporter and Noise PR Owner (England)

Sabrina Schaefer, TV Personality, Forbes on Fox (The Fox News Channel) (USA)

Paulina Gigante, Former Fox Hannity Producer and CNN Senior Broadcast Producer (USA)

Hannah Sung, Journalist, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Ron Harris, Social Media Editor, The Associated Press (USA)

Juan Diaz, Journalist, Makinas (Spain)

Varad More, Freelance Automotive Journalist (India)

Reyaz Ahmed, Journalist, The Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)

Sunny Sangral, Journalist, The News India (India)

G. Narasaiah, Photojournalist and Telugu Major Motion Picture Producer (India)

Luiz Guimaraes, TV Journalist, Empresa Brasil de Comunicacao (Government Network) (Brazil)

Kathleen Lingo, Editorial Director, The New York Times Film/TV (USA)

David Benhaim, Producer and Editor, (USA)

Ksenia Batanova, Anchor and Producer, TV Rain/Dozhd (Moscow) (Russia)

Steve Buckner, Former Editor-in-Chief, Carolina Sports Register (USA)

Arun Sathi, Reporter, Sadhna News TV and Rashtriya Sahara Hindi Daily (India)

Marcelo Filho, Reporter and Producer, NHK World-Japan News (Government Network) (Japan)

Bhupendra Chaubey, Former CNN-IBN National Affairs Editor and Current India Ahead Channel CEO (India)

Sharanya Haridas, Former Journalist, Forbes Asia and Buzzfeed (India)

Lisa Collier Cool, Freelance Journalist and Former American Society of Journalists and Authors President (USA)

International News Media Association (USA, Belgium, India, and El Salvador)

John Reed, Lecturer, Media Studies, University of Western Ontario (Canada)

Ajay Raj, Journalist, Newz Rajasthan and Haryana E-Khabar (India)

Dhananjay Upganlawar, Former Journalist, Lokshahi Varta (India)

Sachin Rajput, Online Editor, Zee News (India)

Byobe Malenga, Journalist, BBC Swahili (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Saeed Ahmad Kahn, Journalist, Daily Urdu Point (Pakistan)

Shah Gowhar, Correspondent, Asian News International News Agency (India)

Maryam Mirza, Former General Assignment Reporter, Ottawa Star (Canada)

David Yale, McGraw-Hill Public Relations Author (USA)

Adam Jun, Former Reporter, The Daily Herald  (USA)

Greg Stevens, Journalist, The Daily Dot and Kernel Magazine (USA)

Charlie Martin, Science and Technology Correspondent, (USA)


Entrepreneurship, Business, and Innovation

Tony Little, Home Shopping Network TV Personality (USA) (USA) (USA)

Matt Smith, Computing Editor, (USA)

Simon Mainwaring, Forbes Social Media Influencer and The New York Times Best-selling Author (USA)

Larry Kim, WordStream Founder and Inc. Columnist (USA)

Susan Bennett, Siri Voice (USA)

Murray Newlands, Forbes Contributor (USA)

John Rampton, Columnist, Entrepreneur/Tech Crunch/Forbes/Inc. (USA)

Chris Brogan, Author and The New York Times Best-selling Social Media Expert (USA)

Jim McCarthy, Goldstar, Inc. CEO and TedxBroadway Organizer (USA)

Hyperloop (USA)

Dave Asprey, Founder, Bulletproof (Canada)

Bulletproof (USA)

IDG/Ridge Ventures, Managing Directors, Alex Rosen and Phil Sanderson (USA)

Dr. David A. Thomas, Morehouse College President and Former Harvard Business School Faculty Member (USA)

David K. Williams, Contributing Editor, Forbes/The Harvard Business Review/GQ/British GQ and Wiley Publishing Company Business Author (USA)

Kasha Patel, NASA Writer (USA)

Amanda Brinkman, Forbes Contributor (USA)

Neetu S. Pareb, Talent Acquisition, Electronic Arts/Uber/Microsoft/Facebook (USA)

The New York Institute for Business and Finance (USA)

Brad Yasar, Blockchain Advisor and Strategist (USA)

John White, Columnist, Inc. (USA)

Bibop G. Gresta, Co-Founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (USA)

Cynthia Johnson, Contributor, Entrepreneur (USA)

Dr. Paul Thomas, BBC TV Business Expert (Wales)

Joe, Joe’s Big Idea, NPR Radio (USA)

Adam Toren, Entrepreneur, Columnist (USA)

International Business Times, Bengaluru-affiliated Account (India)

C-Suite TV Show, Bloomberg TV (USA)

Rana Gujral, Forbes, Contributing Writer (USA)

Microsoft, Recruiting Department-affiliated Account (USA)

Electronic Arts, Recruiting Department-affiliated Account (USA)

Ken Hong, Head of Global Corporate Communications, LG Electronics (Korea)

Allan Cox, Management Guru and Simon & Schuster Author (USA)

Shubbam Maheshwari, Entrepreneur, “Forbes 3o Under 30 Asia” (India)

Ehsan Mohammadi, Journalist, Entrepreneur (Iran)

Wilson Ramires, Contributor, Aprenda Com TC (Brasil)

Helen Barrett, Deputy Editor, Financial Times Wealth (England)

The Tehran Technical Complex (Iran)

Indonesian Engineers Association Batu City (Indonesia)

Ekaterina Walter, Columnist and Author, Forbes/Fast Company/The Huffington Post/Entrepreneur/Inc. (USA)

Dr. Zafar Hussain, Correspondent, China Economic Net Network (China)

John Giannantonio, CEO, M8M (Singapore), NeoMagic Corporation Division (USA)

Lisa Caprelli, Former Entrepreneurship AM and FM Radio Host (USA)

Roger J. Hamilton, The New York Times Best-selling Entrepreneurship Author (Singapore)

Brett Relander, Contributer, (USA)

Rudolf Greinix, Associate Lecturer, Digital Business and Innovation, St. Polten University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

Mahmoud Carven, President, Confederazione Mondiale Della Coiffure E Dell ‘Estetica (CAT division) (Egypt and Middle East)

Brian Sutter, Contributor, Forbes/Entrepreneur/Fast Company/The Washington Post (USA)

Seth Simonds, Lifehack Journalist and Advertising Agency Director (USA)

Randstad RiseSmart, Global 500 Member (USA)

Brand, Palo Alto Networks, Global 500 Member (USA)

Jeremy Kaplan, Future Media LLC Content Director and former Editor-in-Chief  (USA)

Jeremy Adamson, Wiley Publishing Company Business Author (Canada)

Sage Software India (India)

Dan Santoni, Emmy Award-winning Special Visual Effects Artist (USA)

Nick Stein, Former Fortune Writer (Canada)

Dan Rockwell, “Inc. Top-Ranked Leadership and Management Expert” (USA)

Scott Dinsmore, Former Venture Capitalist and Live Your Legend Founder (USA)

Ashfaque Ahmed, CRC Press Publishing Business and Computer Engineering Textbook Author (India)

Mike Trisko, CEO, Phore Blockchain (USA)

Hiten Shah, Inc. 500 Supply Chain Management Guru and Investor (USA)

Keith Teare, TechCrunch Founding Investor and Penguin Books Author (USA)

David Gee, Business Faculty, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (USA)

Neen James, Wiley Publishing Company Leadership Author (USA)

Chris Mumford, Business Faculty, Wake Forest University (USA)

Derek Handey, New Zealand’s Youngest NZX Listed Company Managing Director/Adjunct Executive Technology Professor, Auckland University of Technology/Sky Television Board Member/Founding CEO, Branson’s The B Team/Sir Peter Blake Leader Award Recipient (New Zealand)

Andrew Knevitt, Former Business Lecturer, University of Sydney (Australia), Global 500 Member (USA)

VerticalResponse, Inc., Deluxe Corporation (USA)

The American Management Association, HarperCollins (USA)

Lennar, Global 500 Member (USA)

Cox Communications, Business Services, Global 500 Member (USA)

Bobby Umar, Keynote Speaker, Inc. “Top 100 Leadership Speakers in North America” (Canada)

David Hoffeld, Former Harvard Business Lecturer and Penguin Random House-affiliated Sales Author (USA)



Gabriel Iglesias, Major Motion Picture Actor/Reality TV Host/TV Actor (USA)

Ben Bailey, Emmy Award-winning TV Host (USA)

Elayne Boosler, First Woman Presented One-Hour Cable TV Comedy Special (USA)

Kliph Nesteroff, Viceland TV and CNN Comedy Historian/Simon & Schuster Author (USA)

Cathy Ladman, TV Actress/TV Writer (USA)

Jay London, Last Comic Standing Contestant (USA)

John Bishop, TV Presenter/TV Actor/Former Professional Soccer Player (England)



Kensington Gore, Director, Hammer Film Major Motion Picture Production (England)

Ian Barnes, Academy Award-nominated and  BAFTA Award-winning Director (England)

Beautiful Creatures Major Motion Picture (USA)

Camelot Films Major Motion Production Company (England)

Malachi Pearson, Major Motion Picture Actor (USA)

Tom Molen, M Squared Entertainment C0-Founder and Former Paramount Pictures VP (USA)

Manish Namdeo, Major Motion Picture Director and Cinematographer, 4D Media Productions (India)

Chicago International Film Festival (USA)

Domiziano Arcangeli, Former Fashion Model and Major Motion Picture Actor (USA)

Ashraf Ghori, Cannes Film Festival Award-winning Director (United Arab Emirates)

Don Holley, Major Motion Picture Screenwriter (USA)



Lyman Currier, Olympic Freeskier (USA)

Laurenne Ross, Olympic Skier (USA)

Madeline Hay, Olympic Volleyball Player (USA)

Siphiwe Tshabalala, Former Kaiser Chiefs Captain  (South Africa)

Homeless World Cup

Peter Waterfield, Olympic Diver (England)

James Haarsma, NCAA Basketball Player (USA)

Kiel Brown, Olympic Field Hockey Player (Australia)

Liam Davie, Olympic Gymnast (Scotland)

David Sowerby, BMX Professional and BMX Film Director (Scotland)

Laura Merrin, Flyde Ladies Football Club, Football Association Women’s National League North (England)

Alex Ardenti, Former Mr. Italy (USA)



Cappadonna, Member, Grammy Award-nominated Wu-Tang Clan (USA)

Hannah Hooper, Lead Vocalist, Gold Award-winning Grouplove (USA)

Vlado Georgiev, Composer and TV Host (The Voice Serbia)

Ken Cailat, Producer, Grammy Award-winners and Nominees The Beach Boys/Fleetwood Mac/Sinatra/Billy Idol (USA)

DJ King Assassin, Producer, Grammy Award-nominated Tupac (USA)

Andrew De Leon, America’s Got Talent Finalist (USA)

Kenny Aronoff, Grammy Awards Performer/Drummer, John Mellencamp/Jon Bon Jovi/BoDeans/The Smashing Pumpkins/John Fogerty/Meat Loaf/Cinderella/Celine Dion/Bob Seger/Melissa Ethridge/Joe Cocker/Avril Lavigne/Jerry Lee Lewis/Iggy Pop/Stryper/Conway Twitty/Styx/Rod Stewart/Mick Jagger/Elton John/B.B. King/Gladys Knight/Lynyrd Skynyrd/Ricky Martin/Alanis Morissette/Stevie Nicks/Aaron Neville/Johnny Cash/Bonnie Raitt/Jefferson Airplane/Santana (USA)

Jessica Northey, #CMChat and TV Host (USA)

James Burnett, Burnett Music Group President (USA)

Core Media Group, Producers, American Idol (USA)

Jon Moses, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Superstar Finalist (England) Radio Station (Argentina)

Greg Burns, Disc Jockey, Capital (95.8 FM, London) (England)

Emily Ann Roberts, The Voice Finalist (USA)

CHLLNGR, Gaffa Award-nominated Producer (Denmark)

The Cringe (USA)

Chris Vrenna, Drummer, Tweaker and Grammy Award-winner NIN (USA)

Hannah Karp, Music Reporter, The Wall Street Journal (USA)

Crossover 101, NTV Channel (Kenya)

Chris Henderson, Guitarist, “Billboard Top 30 Band of the Decade” 3 Doors Down (USA)

Steven A. Williams, Billboard Top 40 Performer/Composer/Producer, Grammy Award-winners and nominees Lisa Stansfield/The Pretenders/Tori Amos/Paula Abdul/Van Morrison/Leonard Cohen (England)

Gavin Carfoot, Senior Lecturer, Music, Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

Joel Mc Ug, TV Producer, Spirit TV (StarTimes Company) (Uganda)

Hollywood Legend Productions, Soundtrack and Major Motion Picture Score Composer (USA)

Christopher Worrell, Disc Jockey, 88.5 FM and 101.3 FM (Boston)  (USA)

Brady Cohan, House Guitarist, American Idol (USA)

Khari Mateen, Major Motion Picture and TV Composer (USA)

Al Shaw, Radio Personality, WFEZ (93.1 FM, Miami) (USA)

Gene Sironen, Composer, The Strat Hotel and Casino’s MJ Live (USA)

DJ Tei, Disc Jockey, KMVN (105.7 FM, Anchorage) (USA)

Christian Bautista, Platinum Award-winning Vocalist/TV Host/Model/TV Actor (Philippines)

DJ Joker, Disc Jockey, More Radio Worthing (107.7 FM) (England)

Bud Buckley, Radio Show Host, WKDW (97.5 FM, North Port, FL) (USA)

Susan Toney, Billboard Top 30 Recording Artist (USA)

KYOT, 95.5 FM, Phoenix (USA)

Aaron Pauley, Lead Vocalist, Billboard Top 10 Of Mice & Men (USA)

Icon Trailer Music, Universal Music Production (USA)

Left Unattended, Univision’s The Flama TV Network (USA)

Ben Pearce, Radio Host, 107.9 FM (KMFM, Medway, Kent) (England)


Miscellaneous TV, Film, Radio, and Publishing Influencers

Darren Kavinoky, TV Host and Lawyer (USA)

Andrew Mayne, TV Host and Magician (USA)

Brian Bushwood, TV Host and Magician (USA)

Jesse Metcalfe, Screen Actors Guild Award-winning TV and Major Motion Picture Actor (USA)

Dreama Walker, Teen Choice Award-winning TV Actress (USA)

D-Stroy, Sirius XM Host (USA)

Taye Diggs, Screen Actors Guild Award-winning TV Actor/Major Motion Picture Actor/Broadway Actor (USA)

Livingston & McKay, Emmy Award-winning TV Producers (USA)

Storage Wars Cast Members, Rene Nezhoda/John Luke/Mike Braiotta/David Kay (USA)

Gordana Biernet, TV Personality/Author/Oprah Super Soul 100 teacher (USA)

Zhu Zhu, The Actors of China Award-winning Major Motion Picture Actress (China, Bollywood)

Dave Vescio, Major Motion Picture Actor/TV Actor (USA)

Jaey Gajera, Bollywood Celebrity Blogger/Major Motion Picture Actor/Music Producer (India)

Iian Arditti, TV and Major Motion Picture Director (Mexico)

Joey Healy, TV Personality (USA)

Jeffrey Hayzlett, TV Personality (USA)

Burns Entertainment, Celebrity Brand Partnership and Music Licensing Agency (USA)

Kate D’Esmond, Associate Director of Publicity, HarperCollins (USA)

Simon Preen, Celebrity Fashion Designer (England)

Wang Ping, Penguin Random House Author and Former Macalester College Creative Writing Professor Emerita (USA)

Alanna Ubach, Screen Actors Guild Award-nominee TV Actress (USA)

Levi Johnston, TV Personality and Simon & Schuster Author (USA)

Bill Oberst Jr., Emmy Award-winning TV Actor (USA)

Hulu (USA)

National Speakers Bureau (Canada)

Dr. Erika Holiday, Psychologist/Author/TV Personality (USA)

Emily Roberts, Author/TV Personality/Psychotherapist (USA)

Marala Scott, Writer/Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope/Congressional-affiliated Award Recipient (USA)

James Kyson, TV Actor (USA)

Marka Dokturu, Public Relations Representative (Turkey)

Svend Petersen, Former Beverly Hills Hotel Poolside Manager, Fundraising Account (USA)

Power Thesaurus (USA)

Kima Global Books, Book Publisher (South Africa)

Blake Jamieson, Pop Portrait Artist, Topps (USA)

Robin Armstrong, Sundance Film Festival Award-winning Director/ TV Producer/Voiceover Casting Director (USA)

Nino, Two-Time Jeopardy Champion (USA)

Keralino Sandrovich, Kishida Award-winning Major Motion Picture Actor/Musician/Artist/Major Motion Picture Screenwriter/Playwright/Major Motion Picture Director (Japan)

Jesse Brune, Celebrity Chef/Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach/TV Personality (USA)

Ifigenia Rivas, TV Producer (Venezuela)

Rocky Tayeh, TV Producer/TV Writer/TV Personality (USA)

Stuart Pink, The Sun, Show Biz Features Editor (England)

VO Buzz Weekly, Voiceover Producer/Major Motion Picture Soundtrack Producer/Director Chuck Duran and Voice Actress/TV Host Stacey J. Aswad (USA)

Jim Lichenstein, Docuseries Producer, The Henry Ford Innovation Nation/Did I Mention Invention?/Dateline NBC (USA)

Sunday Omony, Fashion Model and TV Personality (Canada)

William-Morris Endeavor, Literary Division-affiliated Account (USA)

Laurence O’Bryan, HarperCollins Author (USA)

Soledad Haren, Producer, Green Living (ABS-CBN Media Company) (Philippines)

Susan Shumsky, Simon & Schuster and Random House Author (USA)

Kaya Wittenburg, Fashion Model and TV Personality (USA)

San Antonio Magazine (USA)

Jessica Cameron, TV Bridal Stylist, Brides of Beverly Hills (USA)

Edith Hermida, TV Presenter (Argentina)

Mariano Di Chiara, TV Producer (Argentina)

Timo Kerber, Fashion Magazine Photographer (England)

Alasdair Scott, BAFTA Award-winning Interactive Multimedia Director (England)

Bjorn Akerstedt, Art Director, Electronic Arts DICE (Sweden)

BTV Rwanda Channel (StarTimes Company) (Rwanda)

Rob Mead, Fashion Model (England)

Yerson Rivas, TV Director of Post-Production, Venevision Channel (USA, Venezuela)

OWN TV Ambassadors (USA)

Trollbound Entertainment, TV/Major Motion Pictures/TV Commercial Production Company (USA)

Carlow University Creative Writing M.F.A. Program (USA)

Cara Brookins, St. Martin’s Press Author (USA)

Noble Smith, Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Author (USA)

Chef Ravikant Pathak, President, Varanasi Chefs Association (India)

Terry Whalin, Acquisitions Editor, Morgan James Publishing Company (USA)

Joshua Jadon, Major Publisher Book Cover Designer (USA)

Teju Cole, Gore Vidal Professor of the Practice of Creative Writing, Harvard University (USA)

Bruno Ierullo, Fashion Designer and Toronto Film Festival Best Film Winner (Canada)

Jackson Dean Chase, USA Today Best-selling Author (USA)

Chloe Neill, The New York Times Best-selling Author (USA)

Sarah Addison Allen, The New York Times Best-selling Author (USA)

Mark Rubenstein, Forensic Psychiatrist and McGraw-Hill/Simon & Schuster/Atheneum Author (USA)

Gary Haynes, Lawyer and Harlequin/HarperCollins Author (England)

Timothy Bellavia, Author, Smithsonian-affiliated Award Recipient (USA)

Vivian Kwarm, Morning Entertainment Anchor, NBC, (KXAS-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth) (USA)

Abby Wynne, Psychotherapist and Hay House Author (Ireland)

Edward Price, Simon & Schuster-affiliated Author (USA)

Adam Minter, Bloomsbury Publishing Author (USA)

Jill Jepson, Penguin Random House Author and College of St. Catherine English Assistant Professor (USA)

Vinay Rai, Rai University Founder/President and Penguin Random House Author (India)

Marsha Friedman, News & Experts Public Relations Firm Founder and ForbesBooks Author (USA)

News & Experts Public Relations Firm, ForbesBoooks/Advantage Media Group (USA)

Bryant McGill, The New York Times and USA Today Best-selling Author (USA)

Kevin Green, Simon & Schuster-affiliated/HarperCollins-affiliated/Haynes Publishing Group Author (USA)

Joseph Amiel, Lawyer and Penguin Random House Author (USA)

Scott Bateman, Penguin Books-affiliated Author (USA)

Seth Abramson, Assistant English Professor, The University of New Hampshire (USA)

Jason Li, Former MICHELIN-starred Hakkasan and MICHELIN-starred Dorchester Hotel Chef (England)

John Lawton, TV Producer/TV Director/TV Writer/Author (England)

Dr. Jeffrey Guterman, Wiley Publishing Company and American Counseling Association Author/Clinical Therapist (USA)

Laura Doyle, The New York Times Best-selling Author (USA)

Jennifer King, Tyndale House Publishers Author (USA)

Dr. Jacob Dean, Psychologist and International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards Judge (USA)

Laurent Baheux, Wildlife Photographer/Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador and United Nations Environmental Programme Ambassador (France)

El Despertador Show, Telecaribe Channel, Barranquilla (Colombia)

VPL NYC, Celebrity Fashion Brand (USA)

Yoshimasa Hosbiba, Editor-in-Chief,, Kodansha Ltd. (Japan), TV Network (USA)

Sergio Berbel Leyva, Lawyer and Journalist, Radio Cadena SER (102.5 FM and 103.4 FM, Granada) (Spain)

Joan Jerkovich, Radio Host, KSAL AM (1150 AM, Salinas, Kansas) (USA)

Caio Braz, Globo TV Host/Vogue Columnist/Former Host, Olympic Games Tennis (Brazil)

Fortuna Burke, Guinness Book of World Records Adjudicator (England)

Dr. Sarah-Jane Murray, Associate Professor of Great Texts and Creative Writing, Baylor University/Emmy Award-winning Screenwriter and Producer, Story Rhetoric Account (USA)

Scott Eddy, TV Host and Travel Expert (USA)

County Cable Montgomery County TV Station, Maryland (USA)

Glenn Abbey, Studio Unit Manager, PBS North Carolina (USA)

Dr. Carrolle Jean-Murat, Gynecologist and Hay House Author (USA)

The School of Images, Dr. Catherine Shainberg-related account (Psychologist and Simon & Schuster-affiliated Author) (USA, Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Japan, Australia, Benelux, UK, Taiwan, and China)

Nelson Nio, Founder, Shield Women’s Self-Defense System, Consulate General of Mexico-affiliated Award Recipient (USA)

Doug Coulson, Legal Author, West Publishing Company (Thomas Reuters)/Assistant Professor of English, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

The Blackbird, Michelin-starred Pub (England)

Alan Strutt, Fashion Magazine and Celebrity Photography (England)


Forbes Influencers

Steve Farnsworth (USA)

Glen Gilmore (USA)

Jeff Bullas (Australia)

Mari Smith (USA)

Lori Ruff (USA)

Marsha Collier (USA)

Sandi Krakowski (USA)

John Sparks (USA)

Kim Garst (USA)

Ted Coine (USA)

Adel de Meyer (USA)


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