Raven Bast

Raven, a humorist (of sorts), is considering this website’s content. In the meantime, feel free tor visit http://www.raven-bast.com. Despite the fact that all associated electronic accounts and/or devices related to my personage are consistently and constantly compromised; thus, a newly drafted composition is the new requisite practice. She was poorly quoted, for example, in The Hartford Courant, Daily Express (UK), and Inked. Her Twitter public figure verified followers (as illustrated) have included internationally known and based: Ivy league university deans, scientists, politicos, museums, Fortune 500 companies, athletes, entertainers, #Forbes influencers, Silicon Valley venture capitalists, artists, authors, #Michelin ranked chefs, and journalists. A few demonstrative cases in point are head of state inner circle members and political party founders (France, Turkey, Australia, England, Ireland, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Venezuela), #Hulu, Homeless World Cup, and Damien Hirst.

Raven Bast (Raven B[l]ast), Dame of the fairy underdogs, is Duke Harry Windsor’s directly linked blood relative. On a related aside, the following royalty associated in relation at some point in time Twitter followers provide a time is of the essence laden portal to Ms. Bast’s soul (Additionally, please pardon any website stylistic and/or grammatical related inconsistencies due to account infiltration [of sorts]).

Martin Carpenter, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire/British Honorary Consul/British Embassy (Thailand)

Phil Cracknell, Former UK Government Cabinet Office’s Cybersecurity SME and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud’s Former Information Security Head/Former Royal Holloway University, University of London Cybersecurity Guest Lecturer/Former Oxford University Cybersecurity Guest Lecturer (England)

Saif al-Saadi, Poet, The Royal Family’s Poetry TV Program Jurist and Jawaher Magazine Former Editor (United Arab Emirates)

Howard Miller, Former Pattaya British Honorary Consul and Reality TV Star (Thailand)

On a related aside, thanks to Academy Award winner Steven Wright in reference to his endorsement (in regards to Raven Bast’s hindered major publishing auction related project).

FYI, Please excuse this pages’s potentially stylistically inconsistent placed hashtags.

@ravenblastoff (former Instagram [new account hopeful]), @RavenBast (Twitter [account header and/or follower data switched out at the hands of {seemingly} Muhammad Aiman Syazwan Mohd Fauzi proceeded by {seemingly} Vitalik Buterin]), @RavenBast (Facebook, public figure related page)

The above imagery depicts a reneged on #GuinnessBookofWorldRecords application.

hour long stand-up set sample (Zoom 4/18/21) (The below link appears to be a hyperlink associated problematic issue.)